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Brug's™ Pro Foam Cannon

Brug's™ Pro Foam Cannon

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Unleash the ultimate cleaning power with Brug's™ Pro Foam Cannon designed specifically for use with pressure washers. This premium-quality foam cannon combines efficiency with simplicity to make your cleaning tasks quicker and more enjoyable.


  • Superior Quality Material: Crafted from high-grade materials, our foam cannon is built to withstand frequent use and high pressure, ensuring durability and reliability.

  • Vibrant Purple Finish: Stand out with a striking purple finish that not only looks great but also makes it easy to spot among your tools.

  • Adjustable Foam Concentration: Tailor your foam output with an easy-to-adjust dial that lets you control the thickness of the foam, perfect for tackling different cleaning tasks.

  • Universal Attachment: Designed to fit most pressure washers, this foam cannon offers a seamless connection with a simple twist-and-lock feature, making it hassle-free to attach and remove.

  • Large Capacity Tank: Reduce refill breaks with our generous reservoir, allowing you to cover more area and clean more effectively without interruption.


  • Effortless Cleaning: Perfect for cleaning vehicles, driveways, roofs, and siding, the foam cannon distributes soap evenly, reducing work time and enhancing cleaning effectiveness.

  • Versatile Use: Whether you're dealing with a light cleanup or a heavy-duty project, our foam cannon is up to the task with its adjustable settings.

  • Environmentally Friendly: Uses less water and soap compared to traditional methods, making it a more sustainable choice for your cleaning needs.

Enhance your cleaning experience with the Deluxe Purple Foam Cannon and turn the chore of cleaning into a swift and satisfying task. Perfect for professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike who demand the best in their tools. Equip yourself with this state-of-the-art foam cannon and witness a new level of clean!

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