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Brug's™ Twisted Loop Microfiber Car Drying Towel | XL 2ft x 3ft |

Brug's™ Twisted Loop Microfiber Car Drying Towel | XL 2ft x 3ft |

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About this item

  • Superior Absorption: Innovative 1500gsm twisted loop microfiber technology allows the towel to hold up to a gallon of water, speeding up drying time and reducing effort.
  • Fast Drying Power: The microfiber material is specially designed to quickly absorb and pull moisture away from surfaces for a streak-free dry every time.
  • Scratch-Free: With an edgeless design and ultra-soft microfibers, the towel ensures your vehicle's finish stays pristine during drying.
  • Extra Large Size: Measuring 24"x36", it covers a large area with every swipe, making it efficient for drying even the largest vehicles.
  • Built to Last: Exceptionally durable, capable of enduring over 130 washes without losing efficiency, making it a cost-effective addition to your car care kit.
  • Perfect for Enthusiasts: Ideal for those who cherish their vehicle’s appearance, providing professional-grade tools for amateur to expert detailers.

Product Description

Transform your car care routine with the Brug's Twisted Loop Microfiber Car Drying Towel, designed exclusively for car enthusiasts who demand the best. Crafted from premium 1500gsm microfiber with a unique twisted loop construction, this towel offers superior drying capability, absorbing up to a gallon of water without a hassle. Its large 24"x36" size and edgeless design ensure a scratch-free experience, protecting your paint while you dry. Durable and reliable, it can be washed over 130 times, making it a sustainable choice for regular use. Whether you're detailing a classic or maintaining your daily driver, Brug's delivers professional-grade performance right at your fi

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